They call Thailand the golden land, and it’s easy to understand why. The entire nation gives of a certain luster—from the fertile rice fields in the central plains to the warm hospitality of its people and the white sandy beaches that draw tourists and visitors every year, Thailand has much to offer. Whether you’re coming to Thailand for business or pleasure, you’ll first be introduced to the nation and its people through Bangkok, the bustling modern metropolis, full of traffic, shopping centers and international meeting places. From there, Thailand unfolds its natural wonders to those adventurous enough to seek them out. Mae Hong Son offers gorgeous mountain ranges that hide historic villages and cultures isolated from the flow of modern society. Just off the coast, you’ll find evergreen islands with sandy beaches and a vibrant culture of serious relaxation.
For those seeking a more authentic experience Thailand, rather than a tourism-driven vacation, visit the northeastern portions of the region. Here, you can engage Thailand’s culture, learning how to speak the intriguing, tonal language, tasting the blazingly hot spicy foods and staying in homes with real locals.
No matter your reason for visiting Thailand, it’s best to visit in the cool season, which runs from November until the beginning of March. There will be less rain during these months and the weather won’t be oppressively hot. In the northern provinces, the hot season between March and May is also an excellent time to visit.
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