Gibraltar is famous for the Rock of Gibraltar, which has great historic importance. In addition, the Rock of Gibraltar is home to a very large population of macaques. Many tourists visit Gibraltar in order to see the macaques, and to learn about Gibraltar itself. In fact, Gibraltar is a popular destination for people who visit Spain, and many cruise ships often dock in the ports of Gibraltar, so that tourists can visit the peninsula. Even though Gibraltar is a British territory, this peninsula is connected to Spain. There are many things to see and do in Gibraltar, which is the main reason why tourism is this peninsula’s most important industry. Many corporations also have headquarters in Gibraltar including some very popular retail chains. Thus, people who love to shop are often pleased to discover all of the shopping that Gibraltar has to offer.
If you want to learn about Gibraltar, you will find many history books full of information about this fascinating peninsula. You will also discover that many Internet websites have lots of information about Gibraltar. Begin your search by looking through our Gibraltar Directory. We compile information about Gibraltar, so that you can learn about this fascinating place. Use our directory as a starting off point for your research about Gibraltar. You will soon find that this small peninsula has been the subject of much controversy over the years. You will also discover that many cruise ships stop in Gibraltar (if you are looking to take a trip, consider finding a cruise that will allow you to visit Gibraltar!). While Gibraltar may be small, this peninsula has a lot to offer!

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