Jersey is a small island located off the coast of Normandy, France. This island is famous for the dairy products that are produced on the island. Jersey cows are known all over the world for producing very high quality milk, and many great milk products can be purchased while visiting Jersey. Visitors to Jersey can purchase large quantities of produce and dairy products by buying these items from roadside farm stands. Many tourists flock to Jersey each year in order to experience island life. In fact, tourism is one of the most important industries on the island. The island of Jersey only had one main town, but it is a quaint and charming town full of interesting things to do.
Learning about life on the island of Jersey will fascinate most people. If you are interested in reading about this island or visiting Jersey, take some time to research all that the island has to offer. Many excellent books detailing life on Jersey can be found at your local library. You will also enjoy the information that we have collected. We publish information about Jersey in our Jersey Directory. Here, you will find lots of information about Jersey, and many links that will help further your discovery of the famous island. Whether you are from Jersey or whether you want to visit Jersey, your search for information about Jersey begins right here!

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