Vietnam’s lands have been traversed by visitors both welcome and unwelcome. Vietnam has undergone upheaval from wars, revolutions, colonialism and reinvented marketplaces for centuries, but now is one of Asia’s most alluring dragons, just recently awakened from its slumber. Flying into Vietnam, you’ll notice the nation’s gorgeous natural beauty first. Mountains soar in verdant greenery, brought to life by nature’s rainforests and jungles or the radiant rice fields terraced into the hillsides. Peasants cultivate the land along country paths, while seasoned merchants hawk their wares in the bustling city centers. Hanoi, the country’s eclectic capital, is a cultural epicenter of this multi-faceted nation. From the pickled fish for sale in Old Quarter to the draft beer at bia hoi junction, treasure is abound for those who seek in Hanoi.

Northern Vietnam gives way to gorgeous natural wonders, from the mountains of Sapa to the pristine beauty of Halong Bay. You can explore hidden caves while kayaking in Vietnam, stretch on the beach near Nha Trang and taste the flavors of Vietnamese cuisine in Hoi An.
Vietnam has a diverse climate, which makes it difficult to choose when to visit. April, May and October bring the best balance between the rainy monsoons and the hot humid heat that is one of Vietnam’s trademarks. High seasons is between July and August and November and March, where you’ll find plenty of domestic and foreign tourists. For a true cultural experience, visit during Tet, the Vietnamese New Year which is the biggest festival in Vietnam.

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